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We welcome Jami and Mijeong to the lab!

We are ecstatic to welcome Jami and Mijeong for the second lab rotation! Jami earned his Master's at National Taiwan University at the Institute for Molecular Medicine. Fascinated by fundamental RNA biology, he explored the enigma of alternative splicing in the context of neuronal differentiation. He discovered that Rbm4, a splicing factor, regulates the splicing of Numb isoforms, which can then control neuron cell fate during differentiation. Jami's fine-tuned RNA expertise will be a valuable resource for our lab.

Mijeong earned her PhD from Pusan National University in Nutrition. Deeply concerned by the skyrocketing rates of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in the modern world, she instigated cutting-edge knockout mouse studies elucidating the functions of the LDL receptor and ApoE in cardiac disease. Recently, she has become enthralled by molecular biology, and seeks to synthesize her interests in both stem cells and DNA damage to further our lab's research.

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