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The lab is mainly interested in understanding how transcriptional and epigenetic processes contribute to the regulation of global gene expression and cellular characteristics of various stem cells, including pluripotent stem cells and trophoblast stem cells. To address this, we use molecular, biochemical, genetic, genomic, and proteomic approaches.


Our current research topics are:


  • Determining how the differentiation vs. cell death decision is made when pluripotent stem cells exit from self-renewal at the single-cell level.

  • Defining density-dependent gene expression signatures and identifying effectors controlling density-dependent gene expression programs and their regulatory mechanisms.

  • Directed cell fate conversion via cell type-specific transcription factors in pluripotent stem cells

  • Identifying key transcription factors responsible for self-renewal and differentiation of human trophoblast stem cells.

  • Understanding global regulatory mechanisms modulating human trophoblast stem cells, syncytiotrophoblast, and extravillous cytotrophoblast.

  • Identifying factors responsible for pregnancy-related disorders using in vitro stem cell models.

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